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Dee W. Ieye Shares Beauty Secrets and Other Feminine Tips

              Born in a little town outside Lynchburg, Tennessee Dee W. Ieye was the sole heir to the Jack Daniel’s fortune.  She began her circuit of beauty pageants at a young age and eventually found herself out here in L.A. competing for the crown in Aid for Aids Best in “drag” show in 2004. Taking her new found fame from that competition, Dee stepped into the role of Tupperware Lady in 2005, doing in home party demonstrations of Tupperware’s classic food storage containers.  It wasn’t long before Dee became the # 1 Personal Seller of Tupperware products in the Nation.  For 3 years she has held that title of # 1 in personal sales and is on her way to find out if it’s year # 4 in Orlando next week at the big Tupperware convention. Not only is Dee busy with her party demonstrations, she is also very active in the community doing personal appearances, MC –ing events, private parties and fundraising.  She’s best known for her charitable works with raising money for Aids Services Orange County and their affiliate Friends of Dorothy.  Each year 4 events are held where money is raised directly to support those in Orange County living with HIV / AIDS. 
      In our rare interview, she shares, for the very first time, her deepest secrets/tips for feminine beauty, youth and vitality.

        Tell us your deepest secret about the challenges of staying beautiful.

There are many challenges. One is constantly comparing ourselves to all them girls in the magazines. They are not real ladies. We are beautiful as we are. Now, I’m not saying that an occasional  trip to the plastic surgeon isn’t needed. Beauty fades – but as long as the fat can be sucked out of my butt and shot into my face – why not?  It’s mine. It’s all just a little re-structuring. If it’s worked for Dolly, Joan Rivers and Heidi Montag ...?
         My dear, we know that eating healthy is important but, as the award-winning queen of Tupperware, tell me, how can Tupperware help with the health issue?

Eating is important – when I remember to do it. And Tupperware is so important to a healthy lifestyle.  Products to keep your cucumber firm and others to re-heat your meat.  Are you a “girl-on the-go”?  Tupperware has products for your fast paced on the go life.  Take your healthy lunch to work, school or jail.  Be sure to share with Lindsay Lohan – that girl could use a meal.

3.       Describe your daily regimen of upkeep and exercise.  What is the single most important thing for a beautiful woman to bear in mind as she approaches, oh I hate to say it, the middle of life?

Ladies who are approaching that middle of the road point in life – one important beauty tip.  Moisturize, moisturize, moisturize. I cant say it enough. Nothing gives our age away more than dry, cracked, wrinkly elephant skin. And what about that Turkey Neck.  Leave that for the Thanksgiving stew pot, girls. I find that an even combination of mayonnaise and Extra Virgin Olive Oil on the face and neck morning, noon and night replenishes that much needed moisture to our aging skin and lends a healthy glow.  Keep a large tub of Oxyclean handy. This plays hell on your pillow cases.
As far as exercise goes – consult your primary care physician.  Or a friend who will tell you the truth.  If you are truly in need of shedding a few unwanted pounds a good friend will tell you to get off your fat A ** and get on a tread mill.
       Boy oh boy, do I need that! How vital is a life? 

If we as a society drop the institution of marriage, this will help us with this issue. Being freed up to have as many sexual partners as possible will invigorate your life, adding more energy to your step and a smile to your face.  We all know that marriage and age slow down our sexual activity – so now is the time to act.  Come on ladies get on the horse and start riding!  Time is a ‘wastin’.

          Some think to abstain is the answer.

I only advocate abstinence if you find yourself in jail or prison. This is the time to focus on yourself. Re-evaluate your social position.  Most of the people in prison are not individuals you want to share your “kool-aid” with. So don’t.
                  Sounds like you frown on marriage!

Marriage is totally over rated. If we dropped it all together – then all the people who have their panties in a wad over same sex marriage would have to find something else to do with all the time on their hands.  Then the gays could be with their gays and the Mormons would be happy in Utah.  Then I wouldn’t have to worry about marrying someone who will eventually try and take ½ of my Tupperware fortune. No pre-nup.

(Dee is actually actor Kevin Farrell. If you like Dee's tips, watch for her popular cooking show on You Tube - Cooking Bits and Bites!     And, visit Kevin's website: for other varied career details, like the special character he played on Frasier, which was written expressly for him.)