Thursday, June 25, 2009

New Interview with Eduardo Enrikez

Eduardo Enrikez is a talented actor and producer whose company Canary Productions is currently producing Cabaret @ The Met. Enrikez is playing The Emcee, following an acclaimed performance last fall in Blood Brothers @ the Whitefire Theatre in Sherman Oaks. With British musical theatre training under his belt, Enrikez discusses theatre here and across the Pond.

Q: Tell me the challenges of playing the Emcee.
EE: The biggest challenge was knowing comparisons were going to be made. Joel Gray & Alan Cumming created an award winning role....I knew I had to trust my instincts and try to make it my own.

Q: Have you ever seen Joel Grey do it? Did that influence you in any way?
EE: I've never seen the movie..maybe once our production is finished I'll venture into it.

Q: What do you feel is special about Cabaret?
EE: Honestly Cabaret was not one of my favorite shows, because I'd seen too many bad productions that kind of alienated me from the material..It's a brilliant story when told correctly, that's what I told my producing partner Bonnie Mcmahan. We decided to create a Cabaret that's true to the story and the characters that live through those difficult times.

Q: Is this your favorite role in musical theatre so far? Why? If not, what is and why?
EE: This is way up there as one of my favorites...It's funny how things work in life. At first I was just going to produce the show...Then I was cornered into producing and becoming the EMCEE which I'm grateful for...
One of my favorite roles has been Bat Boy in Bat Boy the Musical...a very tragic and touching story about a being that just wants to feel loved and accepted. And Raoul from Eating Raoul was my first professional Job in London after I graduated from the Royal Academy of Music in London...Talk about being thrown into a lead at a very early stage in my career...that was an amazing experience...

Q: How do you feel about training in London? How is it different from the training one receives here?
EE: Theater in London or in the UK is an institution...People don't study to become film actors or TV actors over there..They study acting. I sometimes feel that in LA the training is all about how to get in FILMS and TV...I feel there's something missing.

Q: Have you been in New York to experience theatre there? Do you think there are differences?
EE: I've seen many productions in NY but I have yet to venture into The NY scene but it's on my List...Like every Actor that lives in LA will tell you, I came out here to do more films and TV work....I just was miserable not being on stage...It might not have the same financial reward but it feeds my soul and my passion for creation...I just can't do without it, whether it's in London, NY, or LA!

Q: Who are your favorite actors? Anyone had an influence on your work?
EE: I'm a huge Robert Downey J. fan, John Cusak, Sean Penn, Mandy Patinkin to name a few..
They are real talents that aren't fame seekers...They're true to their ART and Their Passion and that sometimes gets them in trouble...but they always stay real to WHO they are. I appreciate that!

Q: What role do you yearn to play and why?
EE: I'd Love to Play Che in Evita...George In Sunday in The Park with George..
Che because of the passion that comes from his presence in the story;
George because I truly believe life is white "a blank canvas"... what does he see?..."so many possibilities".

Q: Who is your favorite composer? Why?
EE: Sondheim...His ability to understand longing is brilliant.
Boubil and Shoneberg...They create anthems of love and passion... something greater than oneself.

Q: You seem suited to playing character roles? Is there a particular process that you use?
EE: Yes, I tell the truth...whether it's good, bad or ugly, my characters are always grounded in truth...When I am affected by something is when I become most effective.

Q: Anything else exciting in your life right now?
EE: After Cabaret I'm off to Miami to workshop a new musical by DESMOND CHILD called CUBA LIBRE...I'll playing Fidel Castro... very exciting!!!
To everyone out there, come see a Raw and Sexy production of Cabaret...NOT TO BE MISSED!
I'll second that! See my review on my review website!

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