Tuesday, December 3, 2013

2013 Interview with Tracy Lore

Just having completed her stint as Frau Blucher in Young Frankenstein at MTW in Long Beach at the Carpenter Center, versatile actress/singer/dancer Tracy Lore is in rehearsal to assume a strong featured role in the new musical based on Truman Capote's A Christmas Memory at Laguna Playhouse, Laguna opening December 7. In our chat, Lore talks about the role and others she has played.

Tell me about the character you are playing in A Christmas Memory.

I play Jennie Faulk who is the most educated of the 3 siblings, domineering spinster sister to Sook. Convinced she knows what is best for the whole family having been placed in a position to be mother and father to them since the death of their mother resulting in never having a life of her own.

How does the musical role compare to others you have played? More challenging? If so, in what ways?

I've played characters like this before, but the challenge in this one is to convince the audience that I am not really evil or a bad guy! What's great about this show is that both the piece and the venue are intimate, which is nice at this time of year.

What is your favorite musical role so far?  Non musical role?

There have been so many roles that I have loved doing lately and so diverse from each other, it's hard to say. They all seem to be a favorite when I'm doing them. Favorite non musical would have to be Berthe in Boeing Boeing

What role are you yearning to play?

I always say a role that I am yearning to play is the one I get to create. However, this summer I came very close! Wayne Bryan at the Music Theatre of Wichita gave me the honor of being able to play the role of Joyce Chilvers in the American premiere of Betty Blue Eyes opposite Larry Raben. Even though the show was originated in London, it was a thrill to be the first person to do it here.  Wonderful script and score, everybody thought so, hope it will be done again somewhere soon!

with Damon Kirsche in MTW's 42nd Street

Who are your mentors? Favorite actors/actresses in the business that have inspired you?

I don't really have an exact mentor, but my favorite actor might have to be Tom Hanks. There is nothing he can't do, and I think that is what any actor strives for in this business.  However, the people that most inspire me are the people the I get to work with every day. I learn so much from them.

Can you remember any particularly funny/ embarrassing moment that happened to you during a performance?

Embarrassing moment would have to be when I was doing a show at Disneyland as a certain "Disney Gal", ran in for my final entrance in the beautiful "yellow ball gown" slipped on some condensation for a fog machine, fell flat on my behind, hoop skirt open toward the audience, legs in the air, you get the picture!  The Prince still kissed me!

Funny...You seem to be so good at playing character, especially comedic parts. I know they are fun. Do you have any specific technique or do you approach everything from basics?

No real technique involved. I never really thought of myself as a character woman until recently, although I completely welcome it!  That transition really came out of the necessity to work. And with the faith and support of some directors that I had worked for before (including my husband) they allowed me the chance to prove myself in roles that I had never been considered for before. So I have been able to bounce back and forth from leading lady to character and back again.

And lucky for us! Tracy Lore is an immense talent. See her in Laguna in the new musical A Christmas Memory beginning December 3 through December 29!

as Frau Blucher in MTW's recent Young Frankenstein

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