Friday, March 28, 2014

2014 Mini-Interview with Taylor Gilbert

This Friday April 4 The Road Theatre Company will proudly present Sovereign Body by Emilie Beck. Over the next several weeks I will be interviewing the actors from this new production.

First up is Taylor Gilbert, who plays Anna. Taylor founded The Road Theatre Company in 1991 and for the past few years has been Co-Artistic Director. She also serves on the Artistic Board. 

Taylor has worked as a Producer on over 30 Road shows. Her Road directing credits include: the award winning In The Name of the People, Mooncalf, My Last Confession, The Chisholm Trail Went through Here, and Slumber Party. She also co-directed Hitler’s Head and Homefires, both with Ken Sawyer.

Taylor has been seen as an actress on the Road stage in: Balm in Gilead, Why Things Burn, Vig, Pirates, Akela, Merlin, American Romance, White People, A Mislaid Heaven, The Seventh Monarch, The Pagans, Oroboros, Backwards in High Heels, and And Neither Have I Wings to Fly.

Taylor has also acted on the big screen in several roles. Her film appearances include: Spiderman 1 and 2, Hancock, The Island, Twister, Tucker, The Dead Pool, The McMartin Trials, and Torment.

Here’s what she had to say about her character Anna in Sovereign Body :

First off, who is Anna?

Anna is a chef and her artistry in the kitchen means the world to her. It is her passion. " I fed people. Not just satisfied their hunger but fed them emotionally. I knew how to make food that gave people an experience..." says Anna.

What kind of conflict does she face?
Like many of us, she really likes being in control of herself and her life. When she finds she's losing control over certain situations in her life, she finds herself struggling with very serious issues that threaten to destroy her identity. 
How challenging has it been for you as an actress to find what makes her tick?
Anna has been a complex character to explore and embody. Her relationships with her family are quite normal but as she progresses through the play they seem to become somewhat abnormal due to the circumstance she finds herself in. The work has been physically and emotionally quite challenging. Exhilarating and exhausting all at the same time!
How have you used your own personal experiences to help create Anna?
My experience as a mother of teenagers, as well as a professional outside the home, has helped to ground me in the reality of this role. I am delighted to play a character that has been so artistically yet realistically penned by Emilie (Beck) and specifically directed by Scott (Alan Smith).

Anything else you care to add for our readers?
I urge you to join us for a beautiful production that will live with you long after the curtain call.

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