Monday, May 25, 2015

2015 Interview with Emrhys Cooper

Actor and Broadway World Award Winner Emrhys Cooper 
recently sat down to talk about three major accomplishments
 in TV and film as we approach the midway mark of 2015. 
He won his BWW Award in the category of Person to Keep 
Your Eye On, and he is most assuredly living up to it.

Tell me about the series you are 
involved in.
It's called Vanity and stars 
Denise Richards. 
StyleHaul, the digital multichannel 
network that focuses on fashion
and beauty has formed 
a collaboration with Amazon. Vanity
is its very first scripted series, so it's 
all terribly exciting.
Who do you play in the series?
I play Alistair, the lead male. Alistair 
is very charming, and helps run the 
fashion line named

What about a little behind the scenes info 

on the series? Who's involved besides star
Denise Richards and who conceived it?

It was created by Emmy Award-winner Bernie Su. 
Maybelline is the sponsor.It's based on a true story. 
Instagram inspired a couple of New York City kids 
to create a fashion line. So, it's a very hip and
look at today's world of fashion.
Great! When does it premiere?
It will debut on youtube June 11.

And the film you did in Butan Kushuthara is 
about to make its premiere 
this summer, correct?
Yes. Thanks for bringing that up. I am so excited 
about this project, not only because I am the first 
Western actor to appear in a film there, but I was 
recently awarded Best Lead Actor by the IndieFest 
Film Festival. So, it is all  so gratifying, and this is 
even before the film goes into distribution worldwide. 
I'm over the moon about it.

There is also a short film in which you play the lead 
that is about to play the Cannes Film Festival?

Yes, the action thriller Shadow May Lie made the official selection
and just played the Cannes Film Festival.

Congratulations to Emrhys Cooper! I can't wait to see what's up 

next for this versatile, award-winning actor.
on set of Vanity with star Denise Richards

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