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2017 Interview - Christine Pedi

Actress Christine Pedi is well known for her theatre/
cabaret appearances as well as TV and SiriusXM radio. 

Her finest hour has come in Forbidden Broadway with
her glorious singing impressions. She took time out
from her busy schedule to talk about her upcoming
appearance in LA for the last S.T.A.G.E. benefit 
on Saturday May 13 at the Saban Theatre.

What are you performing in the show? Some of your regular 
material or something extra special? 
Can you reveal your song(s) or is it a secret?

I’ll be bringing some of the great female Icons &
Legends to life in a classic song.

I saw you in Forbidden Hollywood and Forbidden Broadway 
when you did them in LA umpteen years ago. Your characters 
are amazing. Who is your favorite? Why?  

It always depends upon what I’m singing and why and of course
if I do them well. I love doing Liza, Bernadette & Angela
because I sound a lot like them. As always it goes back to the
written word a great impression is gratifying but add some good
comic lines to it and then I’m in heaven.  I don’t do impressions
just to “sound” like them…I want to make a comic statement.

Tell me about what's happening lately. I hear you interview on 
radio from time tot time,  but not being in New York, I miss most 
of your appearances. Any new characters?

Currently in SPAMILTON:An American Parody as the guest “Diva” .
My Streisand is getting much better as a result.  SPAMILTON is coming
to The Kirk Douglas Theatre in November and I’ll be in the first few
weeks of the production!

How do you decide who you want to do? Is the attraction the 
populaity of the person... or what is it exactly?  

No rhyme or reason to any of it…just what ever comes out
sounding right.

What is your process for working on the voice of each 
character? Do you listen and try to imitate or do you have 
another way of duplicating the 
vocal eccentricities?

Becuase I’ve been lucky enough to have done MANY satirical
off broadway revues like Forbidden Bway and NEWSIcal the 
Musical the stage was my laboratory.  I’d do an impression
that was decent but 8 shows a week gave me the luxury  to try
new things and hear how they sounding in front of an audience
in performance every day.

Is this your first S.T.A.G.E.? If so, why have you waited so very 
long to do one?

I did one probably over ten years ago?  It was the Comden &
Green show. I sang “If You Hadn’t But You Did” and “Neverland”.
Actually this is the 100th b’day of Betty Comden and I’m celebrating
with a show at Feinsteins/54 Below on May 3rd.

Were you a fan of Charles Pierce? Do you remember him? 
His impressions were so funny, as are yours. And very few 
women do impressions. Dear Debbie Reynolds was one of the few. 
So you are part of a dying breed. Who were your mentors? Have
I mentioned any of them?  Tomlin? Ullman? Any one else? 

I never intended to do impressions. I started doing them with
Forbidden Bway and that’s how I discovered that I could.
Of course I always marvelled at people who could do them.
The only woman I knew was the amazing Marilyn Michaels (there
are some Youtbue videos that are EPIC She could do ANYONE).
However I suppose I was first attracted to  the comic characters of
people like Lily Tomlin.  At a very young age that totally appealed
to me. Impressions came a lot later.

Anything else new in your world?

I’m attempting to write a pilot (I know, I know who ISN’T).
I hope to book my solo show somewehre in LA in November
around the time that SPAMILTON opens.  I also have a lovely
& VERY funny holiday show that will celebrate TEN
years in NYC this December at Feinsteins/54 Below.

One-Night-Only Performance Will Be A Tribute 
To The Stars Of Yesterday And Today

The Southland Theatre Artists Goodwill Event (STAGE) is delighted to 
announce the All-Star cast participating in the 33rd annual gala
“Idols & Icons,“ being held on Saturday, May 13th, at the historic 
Saban Theatre in Beverly Hills. David Galligan directs with 
Michael Orland returning as Musical Director.  
“Idols & Icons” will pay tribute to Stephen Sondheim, 
Shirley Bassey, Bob Fosse, George Michael, Michael Jackson, 
David Bowie, Prince and more.  Stars of film, Broadway and 
television scheduled to appear in the concert that raises 
critical funds for APLA Health include: India Carney
Carole Cook, Melinda Doolittle, Anthony Fedorov, 
Barrett Foa, Sam Harris, Jane A. Johnston, Dale Kristien, 
Vicki Lewis, Kimberley Locke, Jon Maher, Sharon McNight, 
Jennifer Paz, Christine Pedi, Jai Rodriquez, Jake Simpson 
and Nita Whitaker. Additional casting to be announced.

Begun in 1984, STAGE is the longest-running annual HIV/AIDS 
fundraiser in the world.  To date, STAGE has raised more 
than $5 million for HIV/AIDS organizations in the Southland.  
Co-created by Michael Kearns, the late James Carroll Pickett, 
David Galligan and Susan Obrow, STAGE continues to be a 
vital and essential fundraiser more than three decades later.  
David Galligan has staged and directed all 33 productions.
Funds raised through STAGE support an array of APLA Health’s 
services, including its Vance North Necessities of Life Program 
food pantries; health centers that provide medical, dental, 
and mental health care; home health services; housing assistance; 
HIV prevention and testing efforts; and many more on which 
those living with and affected by HIV/AIDS depend. STAGE is 
among the most enduring and valuable sources of private support 
for the agency’s HIV/AIDS care, prevention and advocacy work.  
See for more.

Tickets may be purchased by going to
or Ticketmaster 
For further information, please go to  

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