Monday, April 30, 2018

2018 Interview with Jackie Hoffman

Actress/stand-up Jackie Hoffman took the world by storm with her electric performance as Mamacita in Feud: Bette & Joan last year on Fox TV. She has since played in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory on Broadway and is now bringing her new one-woman show Memoircita! to the LGBT Center May 11-13. Hoffman took time from her busy schedule to give us the dope on what to look for in her new show.

We all loved you as Mamacita in Feud: Bette and Joan. Was this a difficult characterization for you? If so, describe how?

It was difficult finding the tone at first; I wanted to make sure it looked like I was in the same show as everyone else.

Did you encounter any difficulties on your set similar to the ones described in the plot? Let's hear the trash!

Come to my show and all you’ll hear is trash.

Is this the best role you have played so far? If not, what is?

I’ve been lucky and played a lot of great roles on Broadway. This is the most high profile role … and it was delicious as well.

Did you play one character or more in Chocolate Factory on Broadway? How did you enjoy doing that show?

In Charlie I played one character Mrs.Teavee. I had a ball but it was work. I never left the stage for all of Act 2. And I wore one costume for the whole show! Thank goodness it was fabulous.

Do you have a favorite comedienne or comic actress you hold up as a mentor? How did you establish your brand of comedy? Does it come from your family background or from your imagination?

I was a real TV kid so if I had to pick one I’d say Carol Burnett. My comedy came from family, TV and as a school survival technique. I have no imagination.

Give us a little taste of what we will be seeing at LGBT on May 11th.

Me singing, talking about Broadway and other outrageous nuggets and Feud. Think of it as a one woman musical standup special.

What's up next for you?

It hasn’t been announced yet so I’m not at liberty to say but believe me, no one in LA will care

Do you prefer musicals to plays onstage? If so, why?

I just love being onstage no matter what. But there’s nothing like bursting into a number while being backed up by a live orchestra.

What else do you want to say about Memoircita!?

It’s inside dirt that only I can dish. It’s original songs, it’s fun, it’s funny, and ‏you can’t DVR it. Once it’s over, it’s gone. Poof!

General admission seating is $30. VIP tickets (including a post-show reception with Ms. Hoffman) are available ($60) for the Saturday, May 12 performance only. Tickets are available online at, or by calling (323) 860-7300. The Los Angeles LGBT Center’s Renberg Theatre is located at 1125 N. McCadden Place (one block east of Highland, just north of Santa Monica Boulevard), in Hollywood.    

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