Wednesday, November 28, 2018

2018 Santasia Interview

Santasia in LA is a staple show that should not be missed. Brothers Shaun and Brandon Loeser created it and it's about to open on December 7 at the Whitefire Theatre. Shaun took time out of a super busy schedule to tell us about this year's show.

How many years have you guys been selling out this show? I remember it played the Secret Rose, and the Whitmore Lindley before moving to the Whitefire.

Yes, we started at Secret Rose in 2000 and we started selling out the last weekend of that early run. And we kept selling out so we had to find bigger venues…We moved all the way to New York too…We ran at St. Luke’s Theatre Off-Broadway and we sold out there too!!! 188 seats!

We did a Bi-coastal run in LA and NYC for the past 2 years…but this year we decided to slow down and just play Los Angeles.

Without giving away too much, tell our readers a couple of the new sketches.

We have a lot of fun new stuff this year!  We have an “Office Party Drinking Sing Along” …an homage to Christopher Walken entitled “Walken in a Winter Wonderland” and our parody vignette of “Creed”.

What favorites for you remain audience favorites year after year?

Sledding and Snowballs from Hell….those scenes are still so much fun to do. And of course the Musical Numbers…the “Hamilton” spoof is not only funny but it’s really fun to perform and it’s super hip! And of course,7 out of shape middle aged men Dancing the “Full Monty” in Christmas Boxers is both alarming and hilarious. These all remain audience favorites.

What else have you been involved with in the theatre? I noticed Brandon received a BWW nomination this year for a play at the Whitefire. Congrats!

He did?! Wow congrats bro! Brandon is a part of the Whitefire theatre group..And they put up their comedy shorts show twice a year.

What about TV and film? Anything on the horizon?

Yes we got some stuff coming up…I’m in a new Netfix show called “Malibu Rescue”..I play the character “Clive” he’s the comic sidekick to the evil Lifeguard Commander.It’s a teen sitcom it’s really a fun show. I think it starts in February. And you can see Brandon almost every week on "Conan".

Back to the show... Where do the ideas for most of the sketches come from? Are you TV and film addicts?

Most of the ideas are based on real life situations and past holiday experiences. I am addicted to the Rankin and Bass Claymation specials..That’s why we made our own for our show. Also, we’ve always been inspired by "Monty Python”, “The Kids in the Hall” and the “Carol Burnett Show”

Was Christmas the most important holiday in your family growing up? Explain in some detail here.

Yeah Christmas was always important…our parents made Christmas the most special time of year for us. Our Dad used to decorate the house like “Clark Griswald” and our mom decorated the inside of the house with her massive Christmas music box collection. And she usef to bake soo many cookies!

Mention anything you wish that I have not included like your cast and what enjoyment the audience will take away with them.

I’m excited to say we have an awesome and talented cast!  We have 3 new guys joing the crew! …this is a very special “Santasia” show…It’s dedicated to our Mom and Dad this year and was totally built out of love and heart. The audience will take away that fuzzy Christmas feeling and we gurantee they will be laughing all the way to grandma’s house. 

There you have it...straight from creator Shaun's mouth. Santasia opens at the Whitefire in Sherman Oaks on Friday December 7. For additional info and to purchase tix, visit:

(Photo on top is of Shaun Loeser; photo below is of Brandon Loeser)

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