Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Mini Interview with Elizabeth Sampson

The Road Theatre Company proudly presents the West Coast premiere of Melissa Arctic, a play with songs, directed by Scott Alan Smith at the stage on Magnolia through November 15. Elizabeth Sampson is in the cast of Craig Wright's play and has been a Road member since 2007. She appeared in such Road productions as As White As O. She also directed Cuts and assistant directed Lady, and The Unseen with playwright Craig Wright directing.

Tell me about your character.

My character is Cindy Linda (the sort of equivalent to Paulina in The Winter's Tale - although without any of the speeches); she's the friend to Mena (Hermione).
Cindy Linda is the parent figure, the constant friend, the wise friend -- with some flaws, but she is the older person that helps the younger characters along.

Do you identify with her?

I was cast in this role up in Ojai, 4 years ago, but that production was cancelled. So we did a reading of this play 4 years ago in the Road Summer Playwrights Festival with Craig playing Lenny. I've sort of had it in my head for 4 years. I can't say that it's a role that I identify with greatly, but I like the play and just wanted to be a part of it.

What will be the audience reaction to the play and your character?

We hope the audience experiences the beauty of redemption and forgiveness that we were drawn to when we read it.

What do you hope they will take away from the play?                                                                                                                                 
I hope they take away some joy, some identification with loss, and the hope that comes from love and the mysteries of the Universe.


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