Monday, October 28, 2019

Spotlight on RJ Seikaly

The Road Theatre on Magnolia is proud to present The Spanish Prayer Book by Angela J. Davis and directed by Lee Sankowich. The fascinating historical play about the power of art to forge human connections had its official opening on Friday September 20 and plays until November 10. Each week we will spotlight a cast member. This week the light shines on RJ Seikaly.

What character do you play in Spanish Prayer Book?
Julien Nazir.

How does he contribute to the play?
I bring protection and loving support to Michaela. I do everything I can to honor Jacob's legacy. I do my best to guide and advise Michaela to do what’s right in the eyes of history, while respecting her and her mother's wishes while honoring Jacob's legacy in heart and mind.

Any challenges to overcome as an actor?
Understanding the true weight of the historical content and putting the puzzle together.

What to you is the message of the play?Always let integrity, intelligence, and love guide us through decision making. As long as the truth is upheld, a balanced compromise can be made.

Tell us about your director and fellow cast mates.Lee (Sankowich) was great to work with. Everyone was collaborative and lovely.

What do you hope will be the audience takeaway?To have a deep understanding and respect for maintaining the true side of history. Important that we as human beings do not repeat history, evolve and learn from our past to inform a better future.

The Road on Magnolia is located in the NoHo Senior Arts Colony at 10747 Magnolia Blvd. There is plenty of street parking but allow yourself plenty of time. Tickets may be purchased at 818- 761-8838.

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